Services in depth


As the emerging solution for voice delivery, VOIP has multiple applications and we can offer many different types of VOIP product to our business customers. We are able to supply a selection of Hosted IP Tariffs offering inclusive minutes and free handsets. With an award-winning platform providing a wide array of features and benefits, Hosted IP can not only provide a fixed cost model for your communications but also deliver business critical services and applications.

In addition, we can also deploy SIP Trunks as an IP solution allowing you to use your existing hardware whilst taking advantage of free call charges and much lower monthly rentals. SIP Trunks are an ideal replacement for expensive ISDN channels, which are being phased out by all the major networks over the next 5 years.

We can supply a comprehensive range of IP hardware, including Polycom, Cisco and Yealink handsets as well as routers, switches and firewalls to provide the additional security you may require. All our VOIP services come with full back-up support and provide 100% resilience.

Fixed Telecoms

We offer all traditional fixed line telephony services including wholesale analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines. We are fully integrated with both BT Openreach & KCOM so can service the whole of the UK, including Hull. We also offer vastly reduced call charges using our CPS interconnects with a variety of UK networks meaning we can always make sure you are on the best tariff.

Transferring your lines to us is quick and simple with absolutely no downtime experienced. Many businesses can typically save up to 50% by switching from BT or KCOM to us. We can also manage installs of all types of lines so if you are looking to increase your capacity or relocate your lines to other sites, we can handle all of this on your behalf.

We are proud to provide ever improving service levels with no call centres or complex automatic operators. All faults are dealt with promptly by our expert in-house support team and all our customers enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated account manager.


Connecting your business to the internet is absolutely critical to most organisations so having a reliable connection is key to being able to operate efficiently. We are able to supply an unmatched selection of connectivity services via our wholesale agreements, including; Traditional Broadband, Fibre Broadband, Ethernet First Mile (EFM), Leased Lines, Point 2 Point connections and Dark Fibre links.

We employ a multi-vendor approach which allows us to source the right connection for your business depending on location. No network has 100% coverage but we are able to source multiple connections from multiple networks and unify them for our customers. We only partner with tier 1 networks such as BT Wholesale, KCOM, CityFibre, and Virgin to name but a few. Our unique offering allows us to provide reliable and cost effective connectivity to our business customers as well as the true resilience derived from using multi-network solutions.

We can supply all connections on a ‘wires only’ service or alternatively on a fully managed basis, backed up with a complete installation and maintenance service.

Infrastruce & IT

Infrastructure is essential to maintaining an effective data and telephony network. We offer a wide range of services, inclusive of all the fundamental elements of IP solutions. These include managed routers, POE switches, cabling, device management and end-to-end service wraps. This allows us to manage the full solution at both the point of installation and on an ongoing basis, to make sure your network is fully maintained and supported at all times.

We also offer a full suite of IT services via our technology partner; Elite Group, including the supply, configuration and installation of HP laptops, desktops, servers, storage, backup devices, Watchguard firewalls, VmWare software, Veeam software, Microsoft software, hosted desktop as a managed service, IAAS hosting servers, storage and applications, offsite back-up and DR as a managed service and wireless design and implementation.

We also have an excellent portfolio of security products, such as CCTV, Door Entry and a cloud based security monitoring platform which integrates with any existing CCTV solution.

Telephone Systems & Maintenance

To many businesses, a fully functional telephone system is paramount to ensuring it communications needs are being met efficiently. We are pleased to able to supply, install, support and maintain a superb choice of telephony systems including Avaya, Mitel, NEC, Alcatel and Panasonic so whatever your budget and whatever your preference, we should have it covered. We can provide full on-site solutions which utilise ISDN or, if required, a combination of both ISDN channels and SIP Trunks. As a further option, we can deliver fully hosted solutions whereby all the equipment is deployed from our secure data centre.

With the benefit of having engineers readily available on a local and national basis we can provide an excellent level of support via our network of affiliates and partners. Our offering encompasses all elements of your system solution so we can supply all hardware, software, and any infrastructure related items such as cabling, racking and end-point terminations.

To complete our full-service approach, we also encourage our customers to take advantage of our great value maintenance packages to ensure that you are never left wanting when it comes to system re-configuration assistance and general trouble shooting.


For businesses using Gas, it is imperative to track and manage costs as they fluctuate constantly in what is a volatile market. Buying at the right time will simply mean greater control over your costs. Whether your Gas requirements are big or small, we can help you secure a tariff that suits you for the ideal length of time and for the optimum price. Procuring Gas on a fixed price basis gives our customers budget certainty and protects against the detrimental effects of market instabilities.

With supplier relationships in place with as many as 18 established and trustworthy Gas providers in the UK, strong buying power to acquire Gas for up to 5 years in the future and innovative market analysis tools, your Gas supply will be in very capable hands.

Using our award-winning portal, we can instantly search the market and generate an easy to understand quote consisting of the most up-to-date pricing. By taking into consideration your specific requirements, we can recommend and secure the perfect deal for you. .


To the vast majority of business Electricity supply will be absolutely critical. The cost of Electricity is made up of several different elements and varies from time to time depending on a huge array of factors from global oil price trends to political, social and environmental influences.

With Electricity costs forecast to continually rise over the foreseeable future, it is more important than ever to closely manage your Electricity supply contracts. Even in today’s market, there is no reason to pay more than you should. Allow us to analyse your current rates and find you a better deal for your next contract to combat cost increases and save vital funds.

On our average market search, Electricity prices can vary by 28% between the highest and the lowest so if you only consider the price of one supplier, it is rare that you will be benefitting from the lowest price in the market. With excellent forward buying arrangements in place with 18 recognised Electricity suppliers and in-depth market knowledge we can create an easy to follow quote and recommend and secure the best deal for you.

Green Energy

Environmental concerns are rightly at the forefront of all our minds so we are pleased to have access to the broadest renewable Energy generation portfolio in the UK and to contribute to the growing infrastructure the country needs to produce more Green Energy. With a range of Green Energy tariffs now available, we can help industrial and commercial organisations with their greenhouse reporting.

All our Green products use power generated 100% from renewable sources. They come with a zero emissions rating and are backed with a Guarantee of Origin, certifying that the Electricity has been generated exclusively through wind and hydro assets. Meeting the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, the Electricity purchased can be matched to the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin allowing our Green customers to report zero emissions for Scope 2 purchased Electricity.

These products are available to any business which cares about the environment, not just the major corporate users.

Contract Management

Our work does not stop once we have secured your new Energy contract. We understand that administrating and managing Energy contracts is a task in itself so we are committed to fully supporting you throughout.

Quite often businesses may have more than one Gas or Electricity supply across several meters and sometimes even multiple sites which can result in the various contract end dates becoming disjointed. By aligning all your supplies with one provider on co-terminus end dates, we can keep your Energy arrangements as neat and tidy as possible, creating less work for you.

If you are not entirely confident that you are being charged the correct rates or usage by your supplier under your new contract, we can offer a complimentary bill validation service which ensures our customers are not over-paying in anyway and, furthermore, using smart technology to proactively manage contracts in-life we can ensure that you never fall onto expensive out of contract rates, imposed by some suppliers.

Metering & Usage

Guaranteeing our customers are taking advantage of the very best Gas and Electricity rates available in the market is just one way we lower Energy costs. Controlling actual Energy usage is equally as effective and when combined with competitive rates, lower consumption will most certainly reduce your Energy bills significantly.

We take the time to get to know your business and how you use Energy. We assess what type of meters you currently operate and, whether it be non-half hourly or half hourly meters, we determine if they are best suited to your usage patterns. Our team of dedicated account managers will also work with you to agree when is the right time for you to switch to smart meters, which help monitor and reduce usage.

Organisations which utilise high levels of Electricity on lighting will also hugely benefit from installing LED bulbs which consume much less energy and provide brighter lighting than traditional bulbs, thereby lasting much longer and significantly cutting cost. Our bespoke finance packages are readily available for LED roll out, and furthermore, LED’s also qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances, which allows you to write-off some costs against Corporation Tax.