Contract Management

Because administrating & managing Energy contracts is a task in itself.

Our work does not stop once we have secured your new Energy contract. We understand that administrating and managing Energy contracts is a task in itself so we are committed to fully supporting you throughout.

Quite often businesses may have more than one Gas or Electricity supply across several meters and sometimes even multiple sites which can result in the various contract end dates becoming disjointed. By aligning all your supplies with one provider on co-terminus end dates, we can keep your Energy arrangements as neat and tidy as possible, creating less work for you.

If you are not entirely confident that you are being charged the correct rates or usage by your supplier under your new contract, we can offer a complimentary bill validation service which ensures our customers are not over-paying in anyway and, furthermore, using smart technology to proactively manage contracts in-life we can ensure that you never fall onto expensive out of contract rates, imposed by some suppliers.

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