Fixed Telecoms

We offer all traditional fixed line telephony services.

We offer all traditional fixed line telephony services including wholesale analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines. We are fully integrated with both BT Openreach & KCOM so can service the whole of the UK, including Hull. We also offer vastly reduced call charges using our CPS interconnects with a variety of UK networks meaning we can always make sure you are on the best tariff.

Transferring your lines to us is quick and simple with absolutely no downtime experienced. Many businesses can typically save up to 50% by switching from BT or KCOM to us. We can also manage installs of all types of lines so if you are looking to increase your capacity or relocate your lines to other sites, we can handle all of this on your behalf.

We are proud to provide ever improving service levels with no call centres or complex automatic operators. All faults are dealt with promptly by our expert in-house support team and all our customers enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated account manager.

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