Government Introduces New Telecommunications Bill

The government has introduced its Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Bill to parliament this month, with the aim of ensuring tenants, whether residential or commercial, are able to get access to the fastest broadband connections.

Culture secretary Matt Warman said that it demonstrates the government’s commitment to the “delivery of high-speed, reliable, resilient connectivity to every home and business as soon as possible”, Engineering & Technology reported.

This legislation is the first step, because it means that landlords of leasehold properties will be obliged to provide telecoms companies with access to buildings to install faster connections.

Writing for Computer Weekly, Matt Warman explained that the reason the government has introduced this legislation is that broadband companies told them that one of the biggest obstacles to ensuring all households and businesses have a connection speed of at least one gigabit is a lack of access to blocks of flats.

He also stated that the government remains committed to ensuring there is nationwide coverage of gigabit connections by 2025.

Mr Warman revealed that, since the government’s significant investment programme in broadband coverage, businesses have benefited, reporting a £9 billion surge in turnover. 96 per cent of the country now has superfast broadband speeds of at least 24Mbps, he added.

Earlier this month, Ofcom unveiled new plans to ensure that wifi networks are being used to their full potential and that they can stand up to future demands.

The regulator revealed that it intends to make additional spectrum available for wifi in the 6 GHz frequency band, without requiring a licence.

Ofcom is also proposing open access to Extremely High Frequency (EHF) spectrum, which it claims will be “vital for developing innovative future services across a range of industries”.

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