Why You Should Consider Business Sustainability Now

Every business is going to have to explore its sustainability and make changes to become more sustainable in the coming years. That’s the opinion of James Robey, head of corporate sustainability at Capgemini.

Speaking to Business Green recently he stated that “virtually every business on the planet is going to have to radically reconsider their business models if we are going to get an outcome aligned with 1.5 degree climate science”.

Mr Robey also revealed that carbon reduction efforts will be an essential focus for Capgemini and its clients, and that this is an area other businesses need to focus on too.

Capgemini has already pledged that its full supply chain will be carbon-neutral by 2030, while the company itself has ambitions of being carbon-neutral by 2025.

As well as focusing on reducing corporate travel as much as possible, which has been aided by the Covid-19 pandemic, Capgemini has also been introducing renewable energy solutions to its premises where possible.

Even if you aren’t able to generate your own energy, that doesn’t mean where you get your energy from can’t have an impact on your emissions. By switching to providers that deliver renewable energy, you’ll be taking positive steps to reduce your business’ emissions.

Our business energy consultants can introduce you to the most appropriate options for energy reduction for your firm.

Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, recently spoke out against businesses continuing to use and support fossil fuels, stressing that the likes of coal power plants have “no place in Covid-19 recovery plans”.