SMEs Focusing On Energy Efficiency

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for the majority of businesses in the UK and, as such, the way in which they approach energy efficiency and their energy usage is crucial for the country to meet its carbon reduction targets.

A recent survey by the Carbon Trust found that, encouragingly, 80 per cent of SMEs are taking action to improve their energy efficiency, with 51 per cent stating that they want to do more in this area.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the main advantages of focusing on energy efficiency were cited as reduced costs and reduced energy consumption. As a result, the most popular measure was installing LED lighting, followed  by installing insulation or draft proofing at a business property, and monitoring energy usage.

One of the key concerns among SMEs is the amount they spend on energy, with 60 per cent of those questioned citing this as a worry.

However, the research also found that many SMEs are unclear about how the climate emergency may affect their business in the future. The Carbon Trust suggested that there needs to be more comprehensive information available about how this will impact different elements of the economy.

An article for Cambridge Network recently revealed that implementing energy efficiency measures could save businesses up to 30 per cent on their current energy costs.

The news provider made a number of recommendations about how best to introduce energy-saving measures at a business. To start with, businesses need to monitor their energy use so that they’re able to identify potential areas of wastage. Once they’ve done this, they can make often simple changes to reduce waste and therefore costs.

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