Smart Meter Uptake Rises By 4.1%

The number of homes and businesses in the UK that have fitted a smart meter to track their energy use has increased by 4.1 per cent over the last quarter.

This is according to the latest Smart Meter Statistics in Great Britain: Quarterly Report to the end of September 2019 from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

It revealed there were 15.6 million smart and advanced smart meters in use by September 30th.

This comes after the government announced its commitment to ensure every home and small business is offered a smart meter by the end of next year, helping them to better manage their energy use and reduce their bills.

According to the data, 38 per cent of non-domestic meters are now operating in smart mode or with advanced functionality, while 20,800 non-domestic installations by large suppliers were completed in the third quarter of the year.

There were 748,700 smart meters by large suppliers compared with 438,000 from small energy providers, amounting to 1.19 million smart and advanced meters in non-domestic settings.

Commenting on the figures, head of energy at Peter Earl said more needs to be done to achieve the 2024 target of 85 per cent of premises to be fitted with smart meters. He estimated at the current pace of installation, this would not occur until 2028 at the earliest.

“The rollout of smart meters has been riddled with problems from day one, including meters losing their smart functionality when a user switches supplier,” noted Mr Earl, which is why many people are “cynical about the benefits of these devices”.

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