Scottish Power’s New Tariff is 100% Green Energy

Scottish Power has stood up to confront rival energy suppliers that claim to be providing clean energy that actually isn’t, a practice known as ‘greenwashing’. They are launching a new energy tariff that they guarantee is 100 per cent from renewable sources, reports The Guardian.

According to Which?, some energy companies offer ‘green’ tariffs but don’t actually invest any money in renewables, instead buying renewable energy certificates that don’t match the energy they’re selling. Energy regulator Ofcom is aware of concerns over greenwashing and the ‘pale green’ energy suppliers and is taking action.

Chief Exec Keith Anderson told The Guardian: “There are lots of suppliers running around, slapping a bit of green paint on their logo and trading bits of paper to claim they’re green. But buying and selling certificates doesn’t help tackle climate change – building wind farms and solar projects is what we need to do.”

The company jettisoned all its fossil fuel projects back in 2018 and is now busy building wind farms. It also promises to reinvest profits from green tariffs into renewables, meaning that demand for green energy will improve supply, as it should.

“As the UK’s only end-to-end energy provider, we’re unique in being able to make this commitment.” Anderson continued, “From today, anyone who signs up for our electricity on a fixed-price tariff can be confident that they are buying electricity from truly green sources.”

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