Rising Wind Speeds ‘Good News’ For Renewables

Global terrestrial stilling – or decreasing wind speeds – have been a concern for scientists around the world since the 70s, but new research has just revealed that this phenomenon has now been reversed, with a significant hike in speeds since 2010.

Carried out by the University of Cardiff, the study found that by the end of last year, the total capacity of wind turbines globally reached 597 gigawatts, meeting almost six per cent of total electricity demand around the world.

The findings show that since 2010, wind speeds have increased at a rate three times greater than the decreasing rate before the start of the decade. If this trend continues for at least another ten years, wind power would increase to 3.3 million kWh by the year 2024, representing an overall hike of 37 per cent.

Reader in climate change impacts Dr Adrian Chappell explained that this reversal in global terrestrial stilling is good news for the expansion of efficient wind power generation systems on a large scale.

“The development of renewable energy sources is central to keeping warming below two degrees C. One megawatt of wind power reduces 1,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and saves 2,000 litres of water compared with other energy sources,” he went on to say.

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