Remote Vs. Home Working – Do you Know the Difference?

When the lockdown measures were introduced in March, and businesses were forced to close their doors, employees were sent away to carry on working from their homes.

Now, nearly six months later, while some people are returning to the office, the future is looking more likely that working from home or remote working will be much more common than before the pandemic, according to a BBC article.

However, is there are substantial differences between working remotely and working from home. The former is an established means of working that required a marked difference in methodology and approach, while the latter is considered more of a temporary benefit.

For firms making the decisions about their workforce, the need to acknowledge if they are adequately set up and prepared to offer a legitimate remote working solution, and not simply sending employees home and hoping for the best.

Working From Home

WFH is only ever meant to be a temporary solution. A worker would still have their desk/workspace in the office but would be able to work from home for several days a week if it is convenient for them.

There’s nothing in the way of assessments or attention paid to the WFH environment, which could be at the dining table, the sofa, or even propped up working from their bed. Whether WHF is due to the pandemic or not, the only real change in work is the location.

Remote Working 

Remote working requires a different set of abilities and strategy. Employees need to be self-starters, have excellent time management skills, and be proactive communicators for interacting with management and their teams.

Effective remote working needs an appropriate work environment that is ergonomic and conducive to maintaining productivity.

Companies must adopt and implement an official remote strategy and infrastructure that encompasses the correct software and communication channels, open lines of communication to managers, and have a permanent and secure workspace.

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