New Rules Could Boost UK Wifi

Businesses and residents around the UK could benefit from better Wifi if proposals to update existing rules regarding the country’s airwaves are given the go-ahead.

Ofcom has revealed its intentions to look at the legislation around the airwaves, or spectrum, which is essential for wireless internet services. It wants to ensure future demand for broadband can be met, as Wifi becomes increasingly relied upon.

The organisation wishes to make additional spectrum available for Wifi in the 6 GHz frequency band without requiring a licence.

In addition to this, it hopes to alter technical requirements within spectrum, used by a portion of Wifi routers.

A spokesperson for Ofcom stated: “These measures are aimed at helping people to get a more reliable Wifi connection. This will … help them to benefit from increasingly popular technology such as ultra-high definition streaming, virtual reality and augmented reality.”

Indeed, typical homes around the UK use up to 315GB of broadband data per month, which amounts to around four hours of high-definition video per day.

The consultation for these proposals is now open and will come to a close on March 20th.

Furthermore, Ofcom has unveiled plans to open access to Extremely High Frequency (EHF) spectrum. This could help industries in the future develop innovative services, including skin cancer detection devices.

This comes after the regulator proposed flexible regulation to upgrade the broadband infrastructure in the UK and enable full-fibre rollout across the country using fibre-optic cables.

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