Microsoft Bringing SIP Phones Support To Teams

If you have been looking for a new business SIP provider and have been considering all your options for using session initiation protocol (SIP) phones, you may be interested to learn about a development from Microsoft that is due to be introduced in the first half of 2021.

The tech giant announced earlier in August that it will be providing SIP phones support to its Teams platform, which has gained traction in recent months as businesses around the UK and elsewhere in the world transitioned to home working.

The main benefit of this for businesses is that it will mean there is a big boost to the phone options for customers looking for voice over IP systems, TechTarget reported.

Of course, Microsoft is making this support for SIP phones available because it will make it much easier and cheaper for companies to move to using Microsoft Teams.

As the news provider pointed out, many Microsoft customers already use SIP phones and this support will mean that they don’t need to change their handsets if they want to use these devices with Teams.

A post from Tom Talks explained that, while Teams already provided support for Skype for Business phones, this announcement means that support is being significantly expanded.

However, the blog also pointed out that although these other handsets will be supported by Teams, they won’t have any more than the basic functionality of ringing, dialling and answering calls. To access the advanced functionality offered by Teams, your business will still need to invest in specific Microsoft Teams phones.

Of course, you may not need more than the basic functionality at your firm, in which case this announcement is likely to be welcome news.