Importance Of Telecommunications During Lockdown

As the UK is preparing for lockdown and many companies have already ordered their staff to work from home instead of going into the office, businesses all over the country are under pressure to get their telecommunications systems in order to cope with all its employees working remotely.

Telecommunications experts, such as those offering an SIP trunking service, will be in high demand over the next few days, helping companies build an infrastructure to support external access to its networks and data.

Indeed, this is a time where voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems will become more important than ever, enabling staff to get involved in conference calls, as well as take advantage of features, such as call reporting, call forwarding, voicemail and recording.

VoIP can also be used anywhere connected to the internet, so employees can still make the most of the technology while at home. Those working in remote areas can connect via satellite internet, ensuring they are still able to stay in touch with the office.

It is a good idea for businesses to check their staff’s personal internet connections are of good quality, so they can continue to access the network, open large documents, and get involved in video calls without the line crashing.

Communication is more important than ever at the moment, so conference services need to be set up and maintained, and staff should be encouraged to pick up the phone or take part in live chats with colleagues to keep everyone talking.

According to advice from Acas: “It is important to maintain communication with homeworkers. This can be through email, telephone or video conferencing.”

As physical meetings will be far and few between, in order for businesses to stay afloat, it is essential the infrastructure is in place to enable this communication to keep going.