How To Reduce Your Business’ Energy Bills

One of the most variable overheads a business can have is their energy usage. Yet, energy is surprisingly often an expense that is overlooked, given that many businesses simply cannot run without it.

With many staff members working from home as a result of government guidelines, there are few better times to look into the overall use of electricity and gas in your office and as a necessary function of your business.

If you have complex energy needs to run your business, such as product manufacture or demanding online services, consulting commercial energy consultants can help save you a huge amount on your monthly expenses.

 Here are some universal tips to reduce your energy costs.

Switch To Energy Saving Lights

Many older office buildings still use incandescent light bulbs, and an easy switch to compatible energy-saving Light Emitting Diode (LED) lightbulbs can lead to savings that add up in the long term.

Not only do energy-saving lightbulbs used significantly less energy and therefore cost less to run, but they also last twenty times as long as standard incandescent light bulbs.

Switch Off Computers

This may not apply as much if your business uses work laptops rather than workstations, but it is a common occurrence to see computers that are left on all night, either on sleep mode or just logged out of.

Turn off computers and either unplug or switch them off at the mains to save electricity.

Turn Down Your Central Heating

In general, reducing your central heating temperature, even by as little as one degree can save a significant amount on energy bills. However, in an office, the savings are even more magnified.

If you have issues with inefficient heating, it might be worth looking into potential upgrades to your heating system to make them more efficient, although, given the high initial expense, you will need to decide for yourself whether it’s worth it.