Government Announces Major Green Energy Drive

The UK government has pledged £160m towards plans to increase offshore wind power capacity to be able to power every home in the United Kingdom by 2030.

The plan, known as Build Back Greener, includes setting commitments for increasing the level of offshore wind farms and floating offshore wind energy as well as measures to provide low-cost energy to homes, according to a Government press release.

These measures, part of a ten-point plan for green investment, plan to ensure the UK meets the legally binding target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Questions remain however about how these plans will affect business energy, and consultants voiced concerns about the lack of new environmental measures as opposed to the acceleration of proposals that had already been announced.

The Rise In Renewables

Sustainability has been a core term in a lot of energy circles as energy suppliers gradually move away from the reliance on fossil fuels for power.

The share of the energy market has changed substantially, with a significant increase in the use of renewable energy of nearly 30 per cent compared to 2019.

In Q1 of 2020, the renewable energy market as a whole generated more energy than all fossil fuels combined, and nearly more than all over electrical energy sources combined, according to an Office of National Statistics report.

Being an island nation, the vast majority of this renewable energy was generated by wind power, with onshore and offshore wind farms providing more power than hydroelectricity, solar power and bioenergy combined.

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