Did The UK Want Free Broadband For All?

With the General Election becoming a distant memory, business SIP providers may be wondering whether or not free broadband for all was something the general public ever wanted?

Free broadband was a Labour election pledge that was launched to mixed reviews in the press, and as they lost the election it is worth asking how much demand there is for this.

In fact it was one of the most popular economic policies of the election with six in ten Britons (62%) supporting free superfast broadband and just 22% being opposed to it. 

However, just 32% of people felt that BT Openreach should be renationalised in order to deliver on the policy promise.

Labour had pledged to deliver superfast broadband by 2030. Boris Johnson had promised to make full-fibre broadband across the UK by 2025, though has not

Many business owners, particularly those in rural areas will be aware that this is very necessary with many areas not having adequate broadband speeds for many purposes.

A recent report found that the gap between rural and urban broadband speeds was increasing rather than improving.

Neil Parish MP and chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee said: “Despite improvements in coverage since our predecessor’s report, our inquiry has shown that poor broadband and mobile data services continue to marginalise rural communities, particularly those living in hard-to-reach areas.”

Let’s hope that the importance of improving broadband will continue to be recognised by politicians in our country’s crowded political landscape.