Could Renewable Energy Boost Your Business?

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change and want to know what businesses across every sector are doing to try and mitigate the impact of the current climate emergency.

As a business, it might be hard to know where to start, but a recent article for The HR Director outlined some steps you can take where you energy use is concerned.

Switching to renewable energy is an obvious choice and one that will not only lessen your environmental impact, but could that will also help with the decarbonisation of the country’s energy network as a whole.

According to the news provider, installing solar panels at your business premises is one of the most straightforward ways to start reducing your carbon footprint and using renewable energy. The first step is to find an installer who fits the bill.

Before you jump in, get advice from business energy consultants to make sure this truly is the best option for your company. If you do produce your own energy, either from solar panels or another source, you also need to decide if you want to sell any excess power back to the grid.

This can not only mean that you receive some money back that can offset the cost of the installation, but also allows you to put renewable energy into the UK’s grid, helping reduce carbon emissions as a whole.

Earlier this year, analysis from the Carbon Brief showed that renewable energy outperformed fossil fuels for the first time in history in the third quarter of this year. This just goes to show how much renewable technology has improved and how more and more businesses and consumers are embracing environmentally-friendly forms of energy.