Are You Overspending On Business Energy Bills?

Any business, regardless of its size, needs to consider how it can minimise costs where possible to help it compete and ensure it remains financially viable. That’s even more important with the challenges currently facing businesses as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19.

But Derbyshire Life recently shared the findings of a survey, which revealed that the average business in the UK is overspending on its energy bills by 30 per cent per year.

However, business owners already have a multitude of tasks to take care of and looking for the best-value energy provider out there might not be at the top of their list. This is certainly where business energy consultants can help – especially given the size of savings that are available.

There’s another advantage to switching energy suppliers to reduce your monthly payments – you’ll also reduce your business’ carbon footprint in the process.

The concept of reducing carbon emissions is something that the government is keen to promote among businesses around the UK too. Earlier this month, it launched a new digital tool that enables companies to report their energy and carbon data more easily.

Ross Maude, director of digital at Companies House, said that it’s vital for the government to make it easier for businesses to report their energy use and carbon data.

“Understanding the role businesses have in reducing energy and carbon emissions is central to delivering the UK’s ambition to reach net zero by 2050,” he asserted.

The new tool allows a business to file its energy and carbon data at the same time as filing digital accounts with Companies House, which streamlines the process for all involved.