3 Best Selling 2020 Business Communication Trends

Communication is a key factor for any business in achieving its goals. It is vital for generating higher income and growth. No business can survive if it is unable to communicate with clients, customers, business partners and workforce.

As digital marketing technology grew, the communication gap between businesses and customers narrowed significantly. Add to that the advances in mobile and cloud technology, and not forgetting the impact that COVID-19 has had in advancing unified communications, the business communications sector is rapidly evolving.

Businesses need to engage with business communication to help build a brand, from building an email list and staying in touch with all of your customers, to the use of social media to reach out. We wanted to have a look at three of 2020’s best-selling business communication trends.

1. Rapid Shift Towards Mobile Communication

Many brands are now configuring their websites to work seamlessly with mobile-friendly web browsers and apps. Smartphones are now the most commonly used devices, and businesses must take advantage of that.

2. Integration Of Cloud Communication 

Cloud communication is a common term for multiple communication channels, typically including mediums such as chat and video, voice, and email. The pandemic has certainly highlighted the importance of cloud, or internet-based communication with the increase in remote working. Without cloud services, businesses would find it difficult to coordinate the workforce.

3. Chatbot Services

Live chatbot services are the evolution of online chat services, where businesses can have their customers feeling engaged through chatbots who are online 24/7 and programmed with in-built responses to deal with customer enquiries.

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